Meet The Doctors

Dr. Steve Hwang

Dr. Steve Hwang originally became interested in the dental field when he was in college. Unfortunately growing up his family never made dental health a priority. One day at school he broke his tooth and was forced to make his first ever trip to the dentist. That appointment is when he realized his passion for dental care.  After understanding the impact it has on your overall health Dr. Hwang then went on to Marquette University School of Dentistry and graduated in 1998, soon after he went to the University of Minnesota for an advanced education in general dentistry. Dr. Hwang believes in a comprehensive approach to oral health and is skilled in many facets of dentistry including gum disease treatment, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, smile makeovers, and adult orthodontics. Dr. Hwang likes to continue his education to this day by taking at least 100 hours of continuing education credits annually. He is also a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and Spear study club where other doctors and him discuss ways to improve treatment and learn about the most up to date standards of care.

Over his 20 years as a dentist, he has been on several mission trips to Honduras and another to India through his church. Dr. Hwang helped local citizens with any of their dental needs in order to help educate and advocate for Oral health. When doctor is not busy with dentistry he enjoys reading, exercising, travelling and spending time with his wife and three boys.  Dr. Hwang has helped many people in our community through his dedication to improving his patients' health and wellbeing.

Dr. Jieun Choi

Dr. Choi’s career in dentistry was derived from her interest in medicine and art. She went to school for her bachelors of science in biochemistry at the University of California San Diego. She then went on to Boston University school of Dental Medicine, and lastly to Temple University school of dentistry for her advance dentistry training. Dr. Choi joined a free dental clinic run by Dr. Silverstein in San Diego during her college days. She really saw the value of practicing dentistry while also serving the community. She is skilled in many different procedures, but if she had to choose her favorite they would have to be cosmetic and surgical cases. Dr. Choi continues to freshen up her knowledge by being a member of the American Academy of dental practice administration from Boston University, as well as a member in the international dental implant association. Not only is Dr. Choi advanced in general dentistry, but she has certification in Botox/dermal filler and Implantology.

Since graduating from dental school in 2009, Dr. Choi has been on many mission trips to places such as Tijuana, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Indonesia. While on these trips she helped the local community with any dental and medical need.  When she is not hard at work she enjoys being at church either volunteering for the children with autism, or playing piano.  She also likes traveling, cooking, and spending time with her two children, along with her husband. Dr. Choi looks forward to seeing you in our office soon!

Dr. Kee Kim

Dr. Kee Kim came to know dentistry through his father who was a dental lab technician. Growing up he always thought he would be an engineer or scientist. He originally went to the University of California Berkeley for his undergrad and became a software engineer. After a couple years Dr. Kim realized his desire to help people in a more personal and direct approach. His father being a lab technician made it easy for him to find his enthusiasm for dentistry. After this realization he found himself at the University of Southern California School of dentistry and graduated in 2007.

At USC Dr. Kim taught clinical dentistry to dental students as an associate professor. His main enjoyment in dentistry is doing full mouth rehabilitations. Dr. Kim has a very extensive knowledge of different procedures such as root canals, cosmetics, adult orthodontics, rehabilitation, TMJ and implants. This know how allows him to do procedures most specialists only perform. In Dr. Kim’s free time he likes to travel with his wife and 7 year old daughter. 

Dr. Heyri Yeom

Dr. Yeom started her dental career at Seoul National University and graduated in 1993. Then she went on for her periodontal residency at Seoul National dental hospital 1993-1996. After this she decided on going to Indiana University from 2002-2005. She became a board certified Periodontist in 2007 and has been a member of Osseointegration since 2005. Dr. Yeom enjoys all of her periodontal procedures including nonsurgical and surgical periodontal treatment. She has her main focus set on tissue grafting, implants and sinus lifts. Since she started as a dentist 25 years ago her interest has always been centralized around periodontics although she is skilled in all facets of dentistry.

In Dr. Yeom’s free time she has numerous things she enjoys. She likes to go hiking with her dog around the trails of the Pacific North West. Also she likes to watch movies off of YouTube and Dr. Yeom always attends her Sunday church service every week. Dr.  Yeom looks forward to helping you and all her patient with any periodontal needs.